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Testers are original perfumes that are often offered in an outer carton without a label or cellophane. Testers are most often produced in the largest range of branded perfume. The most commonly used packaging is 100 ml but may be in embodiment 50, 75, 90, 125 or any other variant. The purpose of this type of product is to show and present the scent before being purchased in large perfumeries and shopping centres. Usually, the testers are not for sale, but very often they are sold and resold in the distribution and sales network. Each tester contains 100% original perfume liquid, identical in composition to the officially packaged perfume.

It’s easy. When you buying perfume online, make sure you’re buying exactly. Many of these products are described whether the tester (TESTER) or product having a colour package (and cellophane). Testers are just as preferred as perfumes and you can find them at many online perfume stores. If you buy perfume without packaging, carton and packaging design without a brand, there is a chance for this to be a tester. The official perfumes are branded packaging and a different price. Normally higher than the tester.

From a marketing perspective, the difference between perfume tester in their packaging. The perfume has an official one, and the tester doesn’t! Testers contain the same perfume liquid, but often sold without the luxury package, but only in such transport. It is possible sometimes to find them without cap and tags that perfumes with official packaging have.

Every tester is as long as perfume. The durability of the perfumes and testers is the same but strongly depends on how it is stored. If you do an experiment and leave an official perfume and tester in your purse without caps for more than a month, you will feel the difference in the durability of both. This is because liquid perfume effloresces when you do not keep well, so the aroma is losing its intensity. However, it is extremely important to clarify that both types of perfume products are manufactured in the same place with the same fragrance formulation of perfumers, even in identical vials. The difference between them is that the perfume is available in official advertising package and tester comes without one.

One of the great benefits of buying a tester is the LOW PRICE it offers. World famous brands and perfumers are developing amazing flavours for every taste and every style represented in our magnificent luxury packaging. But is it worth paying for something we’ll throw away minutes after unpacking our new acquisition? On this question, everyone can answer for themselves. But when we get a new perfume to break colourless outer shell opens shiny coloured packaging, gently push the atomizer (several times), spraying first scented liquid in our skin, this feeling is unique.

We hope that by answering your questions and giving you further information, you are already aware of the similarities and differences between original branded perfumes and their testers. But let me summarize once again – the testers and the perfumes are filled with the same perfume, 100% original liquid. The difference between them consists only in the container in which they arrive at you.

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